RCC Easter Egg Hunt 2015

I feel the need to preface this post by saying this:  I know some clergy vehemently oppose Easter Egg Hunts on Holy Saturday.  I understand why and I respect clergy and churches who choose to either have them Palm Sunday weekend or wait until after the Easter Sunday service to start the countdown.

That being said … this works for us.  We don’t have Church School on Easter Sunday and a lot of our families choose to worship at the Sunrise Service.  We also don’t have our Sunrise Service on church property, so most of us aren’t around until just before worship starts and set-up would be next to impossible if we tried to do it on Easter Sunday.

So this is just what works for us and where we are right now in our ministry!  We started three years ago on a whim and it really has been a lovely pre-Easter tradition for Rehoboth families!  It’s free and open to the public and we definitely have grown in numbers since we started.  It’s amazing what word of mouth (and Facebook!) does.

Here are some photos from the day!  It was supposed to rain so my Church School Director and I had mentally prepared ourselves to have it indoors, but the SUN CAME OUT!  It ended up being beautiful!  It wasn’t warm (I was joking that last year we served lemonade and popcorn and this year I served hot chocolate and popcorn!) but everyone came in snow boots and warm coats and had a blast.

Easter Egg Hunt 2 Easter Egg Hunt

How do you all handle Easter Egg Hunts during the Easter Triduum?  I’ll be honest – it’s really hard to find a good balance between honoring the liturgical year and staying relevant to the community you’re living in …

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