Get Out Of That Pit


Get Out Of That Pit

Talk about a book that will blow your mind spiritually.

I’ve blogged about Beth Moore before.  I think she is a touch more religiously conservative than I am, but I love her ministry and respect everything that she does.  Her books always make me think and she pushes me to explore my faith in ways and places I never would have discovered on my own.  Beth wrote this book in 2007, but I wasn’t really introduced to her until 2009 and have been working backwards on her stuff ever since.

(Yes, apparently we’re on a first-name basis.)

Get Out Of That Pit: Straight Talk About God’s Deliverance
by Beth Moore

We’ve all been in a pit.  Don’t try to pretend you haven’t or that the people around you haven’t.  Some people do a better job of hiding it than others, but we have all experienced points in our lives …

  • … where we fall
  • … where we feel like all hope it lost
  • … where we are unhappy with our lives
  • … where we make wrong choices
  • … where we realize that we have wandered down a dangerous path
  • … where we are anxious and depressed
  • … where we have frustrating medical problems

… I don’t need to go on.  You get the picture!

This is what Beth talks about.  She talks about getting out of those pits.  She talks about the strength God gives us to get us out and the abundant grace that is waiting for us when we finally emerge.

She talks about the importance of being honest with yourself.

She talks about the importance of getting support from the people around you (and asking for it!).

She talks about not feeling shame.

She talks about clinging to God and strengthening your faith through the hard times.

“The Bible teaches that there are no lost causes.” [pg. 2]

“I’ve come to the conclusion that some pits are just decorated to look prettier than others.  Don’t let anybody kid you, though.  A pit is a pit.” [pg. 13]

“But I don’t know how we’re ever going to get out of a pit we refuse to recognize or talk about.” [pg. 28]

“The Christian experience teems with so many paradoxes.  Among them is the fact that it takes far more strength and personal fortitude to fall on our knees and submit to God than to stand and fight our endless battles for significance.  Don’t let anyone make you think that forgiveness is a covenant with weakness.  Nothing demands more elbow grease than thrusting your arms forward and giving God the solitary right to vengeance.” [pg. 34]

“No matter how responsible and guilty you feel for sliding your way in, God wants you out.” [pg. 59]

“So perfectly fitted for passion are we that we will find it one way or another.  If we don’t find it in Christ, we’ll find it in things like lust, anger, rage, and greed.” [pg. 82]

“We need lasting answers that don’t just target our behaviors.  We need answers that tap the power of heaven and change the thoughts and feelings that drive those behaviors.” [pg. 118]

“God is driven by relationship.  It takes two to tango, even out of a pit.  His part is to lift you out.  Your part is to hold on for dear life.  That’s the liberty tango.” [pg. 147]

“God is not just a firm place to stand.  He’s a firm place to stay. … We’ve got to make up our minds.  The ground beneath our feet will only be as firm as our resolve.  As long as we’re wishy-washy, what’s under us will be wishy-washy too.” [161]

“the problem is, life on Planet Earth consists of one crisis after another.  Beloved, this I promise you.  Circumstances will offer unceasing invitations back to the pit.” [pg. 164]

“Music is as eternal as the Holy Trinity, ever attempting to fill God’s boundless space with infinite echoes of majesty.” [pg. 192]

Blessed friends – remember that we are all on this crazy journey through life together.  Peace to you!


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  1. As you said she is a little to conservative for me, however, I love your rendition. Your words hold truth and compassion, and that is why I love you and miss you. Xox

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