Summer Spruce

Did I mention that, in addition to the yard sale, the clam boil, vacation bible school, our mission trip, planning for the fall and some work being done at the parsonage, we have also been painting and doing some renovating at the church?

Summer Spruce 1

Yeah.  Who’s idea was this?

Summer Spruce 2

Ohhhh, right. Mine.

Summer Spruce 3

Obviously with a 200 year old building, the needs are constant, but we do the best that we can. The Board of Trustees are always working on the bigger projects, but I like to grab the reins of smaller DIY projects from time to time. It is always my hope that – in addition to sprucing up our space – we can build community while we work.

Towards the end of the spring, I asked the board if I could pitch a “Summer Spruce” to the congregation. My goal was to renovate the bathroom in the narthex (which functioned well, but looked a bit rundown) and paint the church school classrooms and office.

Summer Spruce 4

So far all of the work has been funded by and done by church members. I am so grateful for everyone’s time and dedication. We have been trying to work in shifts so no one gets burned out. So far so good!

Summer Spruce 5

There are a few small things left to do in the bathroom and we are preparing to put paint on the walls of the classrooms. It took about five days to paint the trim and doorways (everything was that blue color before), but it will be so worth it to have the contrast of the white with the vibrant and fresh colors we’ve chosen.

I do have lots of other things to blog about (books! pinterest! stoles! children’s ministry! youth ideas! vbs! music!), but for now you can likely find me with a paintbrush in my hand and a ball of gratitude in my heart.

Here’s to our Summer Spruce!

[Anybody else renovating this summer?]

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