Spaghetti Supper & Dessert Auction

What are y’alls favorite fundraisers throughout the year?  One of our absolute FAVORITES happened this past weekend – the Spaghetti Supper & Dessert Auction.

The Missions Committee has hosted this event for the past six years – it is pretty low cost to put on and tends to bring in a lot of money.  Basically everyone on the committee signs up to make a bunch of meatballs – I think this year there were about 600 (!) meatballs donated – local bakeries donate all the bread and then we buy the pasta, sauce and salad fixin’s.  No need to serve dessert because there is plenty to be auctioned off!

A few weeks before the auction, people sign up to donate desserts so we know how much is coming.  This is the time of year when people pull out all the pinteresting baking stops …

Spaghetti Supper & Dessert Auction

The dinner starts at 6 pm.  Auction starts at 7 pm!

Some of the desserts that get donated are ridiculously amazing!  Check out the cake church that someone made this year!


Absolutely nuts.  We didn’t end up auctioning the church off to one person (it was huge!) – everyone just donated money to it so we could have it at fellowship after church the next day.  The church cake alone brought in over $800!  The rest of the desserts brought in anywhere from $10 to $100.

If there are any, at the end of the night leftover meatballs are sold by the quart.

The one thing we did differently this year was actually hook up our sound system so the auctioneer had a microphone. 🙂 It sounds silly, but last year he was trying to talk over people (because when you do stuff like this there will always be other conversations happening!) and there were things he couldn’t hear and things the rest of us couldn’t hear.  So much better with a microphone – sometimes things are just smoother with amplified sound, ha!

The committee raised around $3,700 this year – all of that money goes directly back into the community!

We’re always looking for creative and fun ways to raise money that also brings the community together.  Any ideas?

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