Our Easter Fleet

Our Easter Sunrise Service takes place on the Warren Upper Reservoir in Rehoboth.  Every year since I have been here a few of RCC’s bravest members kayak across the reservoir to the service.  This year I decided the brave the cold (and the 4 am wake-up call!) and go with them.  One-by-one, more and more people decided to join us.  We ended up with 19 people in our fleet – 11 kayaks and 2 canoes!  Amazing!

It was pitch black when we arrived at the reservoir.  A few of the kayakers had lanterns on the front of their boats and that lit our way.  The mist started to rise as we made our way across.  It was beautiful!


We had ambient light by the time we got out of our boats.  I love that deep blue color – it’s so majestic!


The sun had barely peeked over the horizon by the time the service was over.  Usually it comes up during the service – the early Easter really threw us off!  But we had plenty of light for the paddle back.


I was actually really under the weather throughout the Easter triduum, which was such a bummer because (1) I wasn’t completely on my preaching “A” game and (2) I didn’t enjoy this as much as I normally would.  Next year!

Anyone else have a sunrise service on the water?

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