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Just to clarify – I’M not a mom 🙂 but the woman who gave Sunday’s Missions Moment is!

This has been such an amazing series for RCC.  It was awesome to do it throughout the Eastertide, because it gave the season a purpose that I think we often tend to lose sight of when the spring starts to get busy and we’re making ourselves crazy trying to close up the program year.

I am so proud of the people in my congregation who have prepared these moments.  It is not easy to speak in front of people, especially about something as personal as their faith journey and why they are apart of the church.  These moments have been thought-out and meaningful.  Those who have ever said they don’t know how I preach?  I beg to differ!

Here is what Holly – this week’s Missions representative – had to say about how being part of this committee and ministry has impacted her and her family.


I’m a mom. There are a lot of things I do for my children, my family. My world revolves around them. There are many things I am proud of, that I know I’ve done right by my children (and definitely a few I’d like to take back or do over), but my proudest accomplishment to date was finding this church.

About a year and a half ago, I made it my “mission” to find a church. I felt strongly that it would bring my family together in a way we hadn’t experienced yet…it would help ground us and give us a greater purpose being a part of something bigger than us. This began as a solo mission, but knowing how important it was to me, one my husband supported. I wanted to find a church where we’d feel welcome and free to worship at our own pace, one that had a strong youth presence, and was very active in the community. I pictured a long journey, not wanting to settle for anything that felt forced or less than what I hoped for…after all, I had four family members to convince this was going to be a good thing for us!

Little did I know, my search would start and end at this little, white church.

Week after week, we would sit immersed in all of the energy and excitement surrounding us each Sunday morning. Sarah’s dynamic sermons, the children’s activities, the announcements! I couldn’t help but get more involved. And it was the Missions events and charters that called to me. I had always wanted to volunteer in the community, and get my family involved. It is important to me that we show our children that we have more to contribute, and that every one of us can make a difference. I just never knew where to start…how to find the right “mission.” And frankly, I wasn’t trying very hard. Life gets busy (and all that).

I don’t think you all know what Missions does…I know I didn’t. In the few short months I’ve been involved with Missions, we’ve made donations to Helping Hands to contribute to their food pantry and heating assistance program, provided them with 120 Christmas gifts from the giving tree.

We’ve supported McAuley Village (a transitional program for homeless single parents and their children) by hosting a children’s Christmas party and providing multiple gifts for each of the 43 children. The missions committee also donates their time and resources to paint apartments there so they are clean and welcoming to the next family from their lengthy waiting list who is afforded a new beginning. Just yesterday, two of our Missions’ dads delivered Mother’s Day baskets to the 23? single moms who will be reminded that there are others who care and are rooting for them.

We are also actively involved with the Italian Home for Children (an organization that provides programs to help children and families with emotional, behavioral and educational special needs) and have sponsored field trips and holiday parties where we’ve provided crafts, meals and Christmas gifts for each of the 17, resident children.

My children have been a part of assembling over 70 Thanskgiving baskets, and shopping for gifts for children in need of a Helping Hand. They have attended our events and helped set up and clean up for each one. Their contributions have helped us raise over $6,000? for our missions. And not just by raising their paddles and paying more than anyone would normally conceive for a double chocolate, M&M filled and Kit Kat bordered cake!

It sounds like I’m a proud mom, doesn’t it? I am a proud mom, but I’m also a proud member of this church and our Missions committee. For me, Missions is about setting a good example for my children, to spread love and good fortune, and taking responsibility for not just ourselves but for others as well. And what we are accomplishing together is so much more than my family and I could have done on our own.

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