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Our church moderator/photographer/missions committee member/youth adviser/cheerleader/maker of the coffee gave this Missions Moment a few weeks ago.  I was preaching on 1 John 3, where the author calls us to remember that we are God’s children (my sermon was appropriately titled Blessed Children of God).  I loved this Missions Moment because it talked specifically about the work that we do with children, an incredible testimony to the ways we are called to live out the baptismal promises that we make.


p.s. We have one more Missions Moment this week and then the series will be over.  I will write up some reflections on it after we’re done and ways to approach something similar in your churches, if you’re interested!  We’re thinking of doing something similar again in the fall, so it will be good for me to think about. 🙂


Good Morning!!!  I have been coming to Rehoboth Congregational Church for around 20 years and have helped out at a lot the Missions events during that time.  I knew when I started helping out that this was a church that really cared about the community of Rehoboth. It’s only the last 3 years that I have been a member of the committee. When I went to my first meeting I sat back and said, WOW! There were so many things that I did not know about this committee.

One thing I did know was that they were always looking to give back to those who need it. The one thing I really loved is that Missions never forget about the children that are in need. We always see what we do here at Church and even I did not realize what we did outside this church.

We have a relationship with the McAuley Village, which is a two year transitional housing program for single moms and their children. There we have a Christmas party for the kids with Santa and gifts for all the kids, we also give back packs for the kids filled with school supplies.

Another relationship we have is with the Italian Home for Children, which is a group home for approximately 17 children in Freetown, Mass. This is the one that really has a place in my heart. We do not know the kids stories, just that they live away from their parents and other family members. For them, we have given presents so when they wake up on Christmas morning, there is something for them to open. We were told this year was the best Christmas; all the kids we so excited because of all the gifts they received.  We also give backpacks filled with school supplies and this fall we sponsored a hayride and pumpkin picking day at a local farm. On occasion we have opened Fellowship Hall to them to come and play games and do crafts and we provide them with food for the afternoon and enough to take back to their homes.

As you all know, the youth of this church are very special to me, so knowing that us helping the kids from these two very important places is making their lives a little better is one of the best feelings you can have. We are all Children of God and are here do whatever we can to help those in need. The Mission Committee is a committee that, giving back is our number one goal!!

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