Climbing Everest {VBS 2015}

Did anyone not do the Everest VBS theme this year?  I’m pretty sure every single week this summer one of my Facebook friends was posting pictures from this curriculum.

My involvement in VBS at RCC is relatively minimal.  I do music with the kids in the morning and then right before they leave.  I tend to float a lot throughout the morning taking pictures and seeing what everyone is up to.  I find it impossible to work because I want to see what the kids are up to!

I put together a little video of photos from our week.  We had a blast!  We had about 30 kids, which is pretty par for the course with us.  We talked this year a little bit about possibly moving to a different format next year, possibly an evening session so that parents who work during the day would be able to take part (and kids who are in camp all day could as well).  Has anyone switched to this format?

Here is my little video.  I love VBS!  It brings me back to my childhood. 🙂

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