God’s Vision: 2013 Synod Stole

I sat down behind the pulpit on last Sunday and almost burst out laughing.  While I had intentionally matched my shoes to my earrings (because that’s just what you do) …


… I didn’t realize my stole was also going to match as well!


Jon bought me this stole when he was at General Synod last month.  General Synod is the biennial meeting of the United Church of Christ.  It was in Long Beach, California this year – I wish I could have gone!


In Stitches created this stole for synod (my mom has several of them from throughout the years) – the synod stole are always so beautiful! There were apparently several different colors this year, so Jon picked one that he thought I’d like. Who knew he’d pick one that matched my shoes?!  It was meant to be. 🙂


There is so much about this stole that I love.  The phrase, “God’s Vision,” the commas floating, the different fabrics and textures, the arms raised …

IMG_8294 IMG_8296

The first time I put it on I received so many compliments!  The work is so beautifully intricate and it is fun to think that so many UCC pastors have all been preaching in the same stole over the past several weeks.

And while this stole is beautiful …


… so is God’s vision for us (ALL of us!).

Peace to you all, friends.  Allow yourself to see God’s vision on the horizon. 🙂

One thought on “God’s Vision: 2013 Synod Stole

  1. Ooooooooooh, such a pretty one! Going to try to come visit your church again this Sunday.trying so hard to find a place where I “fit”…

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