Ecology Stole

The Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ was this past weekend and I had bit too much fun browsing the marketplace …

Ecology Stole

I was tempted to buy one of everything, but decided on this stole, an ecology stole from Magnificat Liturgical Artwork.

IMG_8199 IMG_8201

This stole is going to be perfect for ordinary time in the spring and summer.  Even though there is a lot of white in it, it really functions as a green stole.  And it’s lightweight, which is going to be great during the hot summer months.


I love buying stoles “in season” so I can wear them right away.  It was so fun to put it on yesterday morning!

4 thoughts on “Ecology Stole

  1. When I first saw you wearing this I thought the little leaves were signatures and that maybe the past confirmands had signed it or from another ceremony. Imagine my surprise! Very nice and summery though. I liked it!

    1. Kathy, you must be reading my mind! I was thinking that it might be nice to create a stole where everyone signs it / leaves a note on it. I may try to do something like that on Rally Day … pre-cut the fabric and then sew it together afterwards …

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