Communion Stole

Members and friends of the Rehoboth Congregational Church gathered around the table this week …


And I had a pretty spectacular stole on when we gathered. 🙂

A week or so I ago I posted pictures of a turning water into wine stole.  As we were putting that stole together Betsy said that she often sits in church during the sacraments and thinks I need a stole to go with them.  And then she surprised me with this!


Where to begin?  I love everything about this stole.  I love the bread and the grapes, the paten and the chalice.  I love the gold embroidery around the purple chalice.  I love the fact that the rest of the stole is green – more often than not I am presiding over communion during ordinary time and I love that I now have a green stole to do that in!

IMG_7839 IMG_7838

When my mom started in ministry she bought a set of five stoles – red, green, blue, purple and white.  They didn’t have stoles that tell stories quite like this 30 years ago!  I think it has a lot to do with the increased attention to the visual part of worship.  If your stole can relate to the sermon then it gives people one more opportunity to connect to the message.

Jon thinks I should start a series highlighting my stoles (he’s doing New Stole Sunday) – I don’t have as many as he does, but I think I might!  I love them all.

So what do you guys think?  Are you a fan of the five-color-stole-set or do you like some of these new and unique ones?

One thought on “Communion Stole

  1. I think you should have lots and lots, obviously. I think it’s also an opportunity to encourage the gifts of your congregation. What a gift to give someone who’s into sewing or quilting. By inviting them to make a stole, we are inviting them to make a lasting contribution to the life of the pastor and the life of the church. It’s a gift from all directions!

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