All You Need Is Love (on a stole anyway)

I wore a new stole on Sunday!

Photo Sep 07, 12 25 29 PM

Our Children’s Day theme this year was “Testify to Love” and – in a last minute stroke of luck – I found this beautiful pink & black fabric the Saturday before Children’s Day with the word “love” splashed all over it.  I used it as the backdrop for the photo booth we set up at our celebration after worship.

Photo Sep 07, 1 08 37 PM

I have about 100 more photos like this. 🙂

Anyway, I bought 6 yards and after Children’s Day was over, I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  It doesn’t really lend itself to altarscapes (the pattern or the material), but it is just fun and I love the colors and I wanted to do something with it.

Enter my obsession with stoles.

Photo Sep 07, 8 56 36 AM

I talked to my friend Betsy and she said would be willing to help me out.  I did all of the cutting and ironing and backing last week and then she sewed it together on Saturday night.  It’s funny – this is by far the easiest stole we have ever made (no appliqué, no patchwork), but it’s definitely one of our favorites!

I realize that the pink & black color combo really doesn’t align with liturgical colors, but my favorite thing about stoles is that they really can tell a story.  And this stole tells the story of a Children’s Day at the Rehoboth Congregational Church where we celebrated a year that was truly a living testament to God’s love.

Photo Sep 07, 8 56 45 AM

And I think that’s a really amazing story to tell. 🙂

Photo Sep 07, 10 19 02 AM

I kind of hope this becomes a tradition!  It’s a neat way to link the celebration of Children’s Day to the excitement of Rally Day.  Here’s to an amazing year to come!



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