Y’all.  Pinterest has revolutionized the way I do ministry.

When I first started using pinterest, I honestly used it mostly to collect recipes.  And shoes (obviously).  I didn’t really understand the whole “online bulletin board where we can all share ideas” aspect to it.

pinterest 1

Then I learned how to look through the different categories.  And then I learned how to best utilize the “search” function.  And it was all over from there!

I now use “pinterestry” (pinterest + ministry) like it’s a noun.  I have boards for sermon and worship ideas, altarscapes and fair crafts.  Jon and I pin to shared boards when big seasons are coming up.  I have a shared board that several of the women in my church pin to with ideas for our annual bazaar.  I love that it’s on my computer, my iPad and my phone.  I can pull anything up wherever I am.

I was laying in bed the other night and the thought suddenly crossed my mind to search for games we could play at our upcoming Children’s Day.

So.  Much.  Fun.

Games, games and games galore!  I instantly created a new board.

pinterest 2

Now … the trick with pinterest is actually following through on the things that you pin.  This is usually my hang up.  But I decided this time that I would pin a lot of ideas, pick three or four that I really liked and commit myself to making them happen.

pinterest 3

This was one of the ones I pinned.  It seemed simple enough, but also a fun and a neat twist on a typical party game.  I wasn’t sure where I would find the buckets, but assumed as the day got closer, I’d search Target and Benny’s and hope I found something similar.

I stopped in at Michael’s today (for something completely unrelated) and saw colorful sand buckets in the entry way.

Umm … game over.

All thoughts of what I was supposed to be doing tonight (probably working on my sermon) flew out of my head and the next thing I knew I was taking one of each color, grabbing stencils and paint and saying a silent prayer that my Youth Fellowship Director didn’t have any plans for tonight.

Children's Day pinterest games 1

She did not.

We got to work taping and painting.  Honestly – the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry in between coats (we were excited and impatient).

Children's Day pinterest games 2

It’s not done yet – the buckets still need to be mounted on something.  But luckily one of the Trustees stopped by and said he would bring over some plywood to mount them on tomorrow.

After that, all I need to do is dig the plastic wiffle balls out of the shed and pray for no rain!  Stay tuned …

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