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I lived in Atlanta … aka HOTlanta … for 4 years.  New England summers don’t phase me as much as they used to.  They don’t last nearly as long and are rarely as oppressive as they were down south.

That being said …

The south had something that not everyone has up here.


RCC has several different zones.  Thankfully, our offices and fellowship hall are air conditioned and we are comfortable during the week.  But the sanctuary?  Well, let’s just say we’ve had some toasty worship services.

Several things help.  We move worship to 9 a.m. during the summer and I try to keep it around 45 minutes.  By the time the sanctuary is really heating up, we are locking up and heading home.  We also have a big ceiling exhaust fan, but it is pretty loud and we don’t like to run it during worship (but will have it running in the morning).

I had an idea a few weeks ago.  Lately I have seen a lot of summer brides put their wedding programs on fans for a dual-function favor.  Why not do that at the church?


The assembly line:

– I designed the two sides on publisher and printed them at the church on bright colored cardstock.

– Our Church School Director was cleaning out one of her closets and found large craft sticks.

– I taped the sticks to one side of the fan, then used a glue stick to put the whole thing together.


“Be a fan of summer worship!”


I wanted it to be multi-functional so I put the “save the dates” on the back.


I stuck them in each pew, so people could just grab them during worship.


The whole project was a little time consuming, mostly because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out and did it by myself (I didn’t want to drag someone else in if it was a failed attempt!). But if you grabbed a few people to help you, it wouldn’t take long at all.

I think the small details make a big difference, especially to people who are new to the community. You want people to know that you care and that you appreciate the fact that they are there.

What have you been doing lately in your churches? Anything new and creative?

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