Jon’s Headshots

It’s no secret that I love photography.  Very rarely do I snap a picture of an altarscape with my iPhone and call it a day.  I usually pull out my dSLR (a Canon 60D), figure out which lens I need to get the shot I want and then curse the stain glass windows in our church (which, while beautiful, keep the good and natural photography light out).

I don’t really call myself a photographer – I’m self-taught and have nowhere near the skill levels of photographers who I have met (or whose work I’ve been able to look at).  I’m not even really sure I would call myself an amateur photographer – that implies that eventually I would “go pro” which really isn’t the case, either.  I pretty much consider myself someone who enjoys the art of photography and enjoys the opportunity to explore it whenever possible.

Earlier in the week Jon texted and said he needed some professional head shots taken, would I be feeling up to it?  Obviously the doctors do want me taking it easy during my recover, but they also want me up, walking and moving around as much as possible, too.  Jon was willing to come out to Rehoboth so I didn’t have to travel and I knew that an hour or two of moving around outside would be good for me (mentally as well as physically – having the ability to shoot and process photographs gave me a sense of normalcy again!)

We had so much fun!  And I really love the way some of the photos turned out.  Here are some of my favorites …

IMG_9549 IMG_9569 IMG_9583 IMG_9616 IMG_9619 IMG_9628 IMG_9630 IMG_9633 IMG_9634 IMG_9641 IMG_9646 IMG_9664 IMG_9677 IMG_9686 IMG_9694 IMG_9697 IMG_9708 IMG_9709 IMG_9723 IMG_9724 IMG_9745 IMG_9660

We also decided to swing over to the church to get some in a bit more of a traditional space.  The light was tough, but I did love these …



Thanks for letting me “play” Jon!  I had a blast. 🙂

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