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Goodness gracious, could the weather get any more gorgeous in New England right now?  Bruce and I first started talking about scheduling my surgery this summer, but ultimately decided to hold off until the fall so I could let the cool, fresh air rejuvenate and heal me.  I think it’s working!

I have been trying to get out each day – it’s been good for the body AND soul. 🙂 It’s also given me some beautiful background for some more photo scriptures – I love them!  I’m thinking of looking into having them printed on magnets … I vaguely remember Young House Love doing something with Instagram photos?  Is there a website where you can link your account and then order straight from there?

Anyway … here are the ones from this week!

Blog Photo Scripture 5 Blog Photo Scripture 6 Blog Photo Scripture 7 Blog Photo Scripture 8

I love the last one. 🙂

I uploaded the files at full size if you are interested in any of them.

Enjoy the day!

One thought on “More Artwork

  1. Nice! I have several of these type pics saved onto my iPad from FaceBook. Filling up and I would like to make them into magnets or some as poster size. Hope you are healing. Planning on attending service again this Sunday. Communion I think? And think you are returning to work next week. Considering join your bible study group.
    Take care of yourself. hope to see you soon.
    Pat Clements

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