Oh vacation. How lovely were you!

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One of my goals for the upcoming year is to get back into more life casting on my blog. Back in the days of The Strength of Faith (my past blog that I have since shut down), I primarily blogged about my life. It was an AMAZING way to connect to people and record my life, but it just got to be too much when I started at the church. I got to a point where I needed to take a few gigantic steps back in order to figure out what boundaries worked best for Bruce and me. I’m ready to open myself up a little bit more – this blog will still be primarily work focused, but I do hope to let a little bit more of my life outside of church shine through as well!

I am currently blogging from the passenger seat of the car while Bruce gets us home. I have to say – as much as I have enjoyed my vacation, I am looking forward to getting out of the car and back into a routine. I think I have slept more in other people’s houses these past two weeks than my own!

After my medical leave back in the fall, I came back to work with my head down and blinders on. I had things I wanted to do and wouldn’t let anyone stand in my way! And while we had a wonderful late fall / early winter at the church (Trunk or Treat! Bazaar! Homeless Awareness Weekend! Conferences! Confirmation Classes! Presentations! Did I mention I got to ride in a helicopter?!), I was exhausted by the time I said “Amen” at midnight on Christmas Eve. It was time for a vacation.

When I closed up my office early Christmas morning, I was more than ready for the two week vacation that the Board of Deacons had so graciously extended to me. I am so grateful and blessed to minister with a community that truly cares about my health and well being.

We had a quiet Christmas Day in Rehoboth and then my family adventures began. I drove out to my parents’ house in Connecticut the day after Christmas where my sister and I packed up and headed down to my aunt’s house in Pennsylvania.

We had such a wonderful visit! My college roommate Kari was in Lancaster visiting her parents so we decided to meet up at our alma mater and walk around the campus. We ran into one of the safety officers that we know and he showed us around someone of the renovated buildings – eventually landing us on the roof of one of them!

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Under the careful observation of my grandmother, my aunt and I decided to embrace our Hungarian roots one night and make Chicken Paprikash for dinner.


It was really fun to have three generations in the kitchen. 🙂 I don’t take the time for granted anymore.

The day we left, we had a very special stop to make. My friends Kristen and Fred (who I married back in 2011) added a little one to their family this year and were hosting a baptism at Kristen’s parents’ house. It was gorgeous!


I packed a bag full of worship supplies before I left and set up an altar next to the stream. Winter took a temporary hiatus and we enjoy 50+ degree temperatures! It was perfect. SO perfect!


Is this really my job? Do I really get to do this all the time?



We drove back to my parents’ house after the party and I spent two more nights there before packing up and heading to Rehoboth the night before New Years Eve.


There’s a chance I stopped at Target on my way home and bought approximately $175 worth of Christmas decorations for under $50.


I thought my husband was going to send me back to my parent’s house when he saw what I had bought.

After we rang in 2014, we packed up the car again and headed to Pennsylvania again – this time to Bruce’s parent’s place out in Lebanon County.


Road trip essentials!

I was actually able to cram a lot into this trip. Some friends of ours own Fat Puppy Coffee, an independent roasting company, so we stopped by for a visit (and to taste and buy of course!).


Sean does a lot of online business so if you are a coffee lover I would strongly encourage you to check out his website.


Torqued up on good coffee, I headed down to Lancaster County, first to see my cousin (aka my personal Thirty-One consultant – I had some shopping to do!) and then to Lancaster Theological Seminary, where Leadership Now was hosting the 7th annual Justice Summit. I am forever grateful page attended the inaugural event seven years ago. Among other things, I met Bruce that weekend. 🙂


(Flashback! January 2007 – Bruce was living and working in PA and I was in college in PA. By the end of that year, we were living together in Atlanta.)


It was so wonderful to see the staff and peer mentors. I’m not sure what the future of that program is, but I am so grateful for all that it was (and still is) for me.

Our trip home was relatively uneventful. Bruce drove the whole way (bless him!) and I documented the many stages of a six hour road trip on Instagram.



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Thirty-One’s spring catalog.


A gorgeous sunset over the Long Island Sound …


… enjoyed while sitting in traffic.

And that’s that! I probably could have accomplished more if I had stayed at home and done less traveling, but the time spent with friends and family was absolutely priceless. I am so grateful and ready to see what 2014 is going to bring!

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