Vacation On The Move

Bruce and I both took last week off and I am pretty sure that I am more exhausted now than when the week started!  Apparently we have different ideas of vacation … mine involve laying on beach … his involve burning calories.

Photo Aug 03, 12 18 40 PM

We started off on Monday in East Providence on the East Bay Bike Path.  We originally planned on only being out for an hour, but once we got going, I was feeling so great and kept calling to him, “Just one more mile!”  I “one more mile’d” us until we hit the 10-mile mark and then we had to turn around and ride back. 🙂

Photo Aug 03, 12 19 13 PM

Seriously, though … can you blame me??  It was a gorgeous day.  It was HOT, too, so the breeze on the bikes felt amazing.  I don’t really like running when it gets super hot, so it felt good to get some activity in!

Photo Aug 03, 1 20 26 PM

We were both wicked sore by the time we got back to my car, but ready for the next adventure …

Photo Aug 03, 2 28 53 PM

This one involved a saltwater fishing license for me. 🙂

Photo Aug 03, 3 47 49 PM

My husband is an AVID fisherman, so there was no way our vacation wasn’t going to involve fishing.  His buddy Brian offered to take us out on his boat on Monday, so after we unloaded our bikes, Bruce packed up his fishing gear and we headed down towards the cape.  We went through the canal and out on Buzzard’s Bay.

Photo Aug 03, 4 08 12 PM

The view didn’t suck!

Photo Aug 03, 10 57 26 PM

The seas were very choppy, so I took a seat at the front of the boat, held on tight and enjoyed the bouncy ride out to their fishing spots.

Photo Aug 03, 7 22 54 PM

Eventually I grabbed a rod and caught my first fish!  You can keep fluke when they are 16″ and this one was 18.5″ (larger than the one Bruce caught … just sayin’ …).

Photo Aug 03, 10 54 22 PM

And eventually against my better “I-just-saw-Jaws-for-the-first-time” judgment, I jumped in for a swim!

Photo Aug 03, 9 30 35 PM

Dinner that night was fresh! Bruce cooked up the fish I caught while I made sweet potato fries (I normally bake them, but it was approximately 110 degrees so I didn’t want to turn on the oven … I ended up dredging them in cornstarch and frying them – delicious!). We also had peas straight from the garden (I love cooking garden-to-table this time of year!).

Photo Aug 04, 11 47 17 AM

The next day we were up and on the gold course by 11:30. We played 9 holes and then grabbed lunch at the tiki bar after.

Photo Aug 04, 12 45 12 PM

Bruce is a way better golfer than I am, but we still had a blast.

Photo Aug 04, 1 30 18 PM

After lunch we ran out for curtains (the one and only house project I made him do on vacation!) and then after a quick dinner at home, we headed out again …

Photo Aug 04, 6 18 57 PM

This time with a paddleboard on my car!

Photo Aug 04, 7 03 37 PM

I tried paddleboarding last fall when I was in Florida for my nephew’s adoption hearing and had an absolute blast! I’ve been itching to get back on one, but they are still a little out of my price point (although they’re coming down in price, so hopefully by next summer!). So when one of the girls in my church offered to let me borrow hers, I jumped at the opportunity!

Photo Aug 04, 7 29 56 PM

The sunset was SPECTACULAR that night. We went to the Taunton River and I stayed out for about an hour and a half while Bruce fished from shore. It was so peaceful!

Photo Aug 04, 7 51 59 PM

Foreshadowing … not as easy on the ocean. 😉

Photo Aug 06, 2 06 00 PM

The next day I FINALLY got my husband to relax a little bit at the beach.  Some friends of ours are members at Bonnet Shores Beach Club so we crashed their vacation on Wednesday (and ended up staying until Friday night … whoops!). There was plenty of laying in beach chairs with music and books, but we also took some walks, threw a frisbee and attempted paddleboarding again.

Photo Aug 05, 6 02 29 PM

There was also some time spent at the bar, which has left me in full-on detox mode today (kale and water anyone??).

Photo Aug 05, 7 00 26 PM

Yeah … so like I said. Not as easy on the ocean. While I think I stayed up longer than the boys did, I definitely had my fair share of whoops-I’m-in-the-water moments. The swells made it hard! It didn’t make me want a paddleboard any less, but I’m pretty sure I’ll spend more time in the river and lakes.

Photo Aug 05, 7 55 12 PM

Again, with the spectacular sunsets (and clearly some more fishing for the boys!).

We ended up getting home late Friday night and spent Saturday trying to get the house back together.  Bruce had to fix his tractor, I had to write my sermon, I did approximately 17.5 loads of laundry … you know … back to reality!  It was really a great week, though.  I’m happy we had the time to do the things that we love without breaking the bank and I am glad that I can relax for the rest of August – get ready for the fall, but still stay active and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Sabbath blessings!

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