Tour de Patrick – Providence 5K!

Ahhhh, what an amazing weekend!  I know they are currently forecasting snow for tomorrow, but there was definitely a touch of “spring” in the air on Saturday.

Photo Mar 08, 10 07 41 AM

Good thing, too – I had signed up for the St. Patrick’s Day 5K in Providence that was held on Saturday! The Providence race is part of a three-race series, the Tour de Patrick. Unfortunately, the other two races are held on Sundays so I can’t do the series – but I love this race, regardless! If the weather is good, there is a great crowd and there is a parade afterwards! Here’s a pic of the Providence Police Department having a pre-race meeting. It was actually really fascinating to listen to them talk about how they coordinate safety and traffic in a race like this.

Photo Mar 08, 10 53 07 AM

There’s live music and so many of the runners dress up. Abbie and I did last year, but this year I just decided to wear a green running shirt this year and call it a day.

Er … race.

Photo Mar 08, 10 57 33 AM

Getting ready to start!

Photo Mar 08, 12 02 08 PM

And, that’s a wrap! I’m not really sure what my time was – I hadn’t charged my watch and I started pretty far back in the pack, so the timer wasn’t really accurate. I think it was somewhere between 33 and 34 minutes – certainly not my fastest 5K time, but I had been so sick earlier in the week that I was just happy to be running!

Photo Mar 11, 4 41 25 PM

And speaking of running …

I went outside yesterday around 3:3 to fix the purple fabric on the cross and realized it was 60 degrees (my office is in the basement of the church so it’s hard to know what the weather outside is). I looked at the work on my desk, basically said, “this can wait until after my Deacon’s meeting tonight” and took off for home. I drove over to Slater Park for a 4+ mile run. Holy bananas, was it gorgeous!

Photo Mar 11, 4 41 28 PM

I am so grateful for these sneak peaks of spring that we have been getting. It has been a long winter in so many ways and I’m ready to open the windows and let some of it go!

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