Thoughts On Being A Mom {I wonder if I get my brain function back?}

So I’m 9 1/2 weeks into this whole mom thing and I have to admit that I haven’t quite pulled myself back together again.

About a week ago, I loaded Harrison up in the car and we drove to my doctor’s office, which is about 40 minutes away.  I needed to sign something and I figured, while I was there, I would go to city hall and get a copy of his birth certificate, because the insurance company needed one.  I was a little bit nervous, because it was the longest trip I had ever attempted with him by myself, but I figured that best case scenario, he would sleep in the car and if he screamed, I would just turn on show tunes and sing loudly.

We made it to my doctor’s office without a problem, I went in, signed the paperwork and headed on my way to city hall.  I parked, carried him up to the second floor and walked into the city clerk’s office feeling pretty good about myself for having made it this far without a meltdown (from either one of us).  I filled out the paperwork and handed it over, at which point the clerk spent a few minutes staring at her computer with a very perplexed look on her face.

“He’s not in the system yet.”

“You need to call medical records at the hospital and make sure everything is okay on their end.”

Well, that’s not good.

So I carried Harrison back down two flights of stairs and out to the car.  At this point it was raining.  I got him loaded up and headed home.  When we got home, I fed him and got him settled, then called the hospital and left a message with medical records.  The woman called me back and was SO sweet, but also super concerned that he wasn’t in the system.  Everything was fine on her end and she couldn’t figure out why Harrison wasn’t in the state system.  She asked which city hall I had been to and said she was going to call in the morning and find out what was going on.

The whole thing just seemed really strange.  I had already gotten his social security card, why couldn’t they find him in the state system?

About an hour after I got off the phone with her, I looked at the paperwork I had filled out.

And that’s when I realized what the problem was.

Date of Birth: 7/2/2017.

Which would have been fine if Harrison was born on July 2nd.

But he was born on June 2nd.

Insert hand-slapping-face emoji here.

Not only did I have to admit to my slightly-concerned husband later on that night that I’m an idiot and the state probably did have a record of our son, but the next morning I had to call the hospital and tell the medical records woman to tell her the same thing, hopefully getting her before she called the city clerk and yelled at them.  And then two days later I had to walk back into the city clerks office and fill out a new form, while explaining that apparently I don’t know that June is the 6th month of the year and not the 7th.

So I’ve got that going for me.

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