Snow Snow And, Oh, Did I Mention Snow?

You may have noticed I didn’t post a sermon on Sunday.

Well … probably not.  I doubt most of you await my weekly sermons with baited breath.

Baited breath?  Baided breath?  Baded breath?

I’m actually not even sure I totally understand what that expression means, let alone know how to spell it.

And I graduated with honors?

But I digress.

So I didn’t post a sermon on Sunday.  A storm came through on Saturday night, leaving the chair of the Trustees and me with a quasi-difficult decision.  We hated to cancel church, but the reports were bad and all of the churches around me were canceling.  We made the decision to cancel and I’m opting to use last week’s worship service this weekend.  Part of me feels like that is cheating, but then the other part actually really likes the sermon and wants to preach it.


I’m conflicted.

So that’s the deal.  It snowed twice last week.  And again on Saturday night.  And again today.


If you need me, you can probably find me curled up under five layers of blankets researching 4-wheel-drive vehicles.

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