Pottery From Spirit And Fire Pottery

The first time I walked through the marketplace at Annual Meeting last weekend, I bought my ecology stole.  I told myself that was all I was going to buy.

Communion Set


Bruce may take my checkbook next time I go to Annual Meeting

In fairness to me, I like to buy local whenever possible.  I like to be able to talk to the artist, to know that she knows how the pieces are going to be used and to feel like there was a spirit of sacrament present while they were being made.

I bought this communion set from Amy Bruch of Spirit and Fire Pottery.  PLEASE take a minute to browse her website – she’s amazing!  She is an ordained minister who ministers through the arts.  This is what she says on her website:

I believe that exploring our creative spirit is one more way to learn about our faith and who we are as people of God. Making things by hand can be relaxing, fun and challenging. But more important than the things we make is who we are as we make them.

Her ideas about creativity in faith and worship are very closely aligned to mine. When I create an altarscape, it is more than just putting fabric on the altar – it is about adding a new dimension to worship and allowing the spirit move through the creative process.

I almost added a last minute Eucharist service on Sunday!

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