Podcast Lovers, Unite!

So I did a super geeky thing this week and part of me still can’t believe I actually figured out how to do it:  I created a podcast feed for sermons that is subscribe-able on iTunes!


Because I have been uploading my sermons to Liberated Syndication for last last year or two, all of my old old sermons loaded into the feed.  Part of me is nervous is putting those out there, because eek – I’m probably breaking all the podcasting rules in the book!  Oh well – moving forward I am going to try to have intros and include the scripture.  Oh!  And a friend of mine told me I should have Jordan record me a theme song, so I’ll work on that as well, too!

I told my church in our weekly e-newsletter that I’m excited about this because it will make my sermons more easily accessible online – BUT I don’t want people to use that as an excuse not to come!  My colleagues and I go back and forth one whether posting sermons is a good idea.  On the one hand, I love the fact that people can stay connected on weeks when they have to miss church.  I love the idea that someone might be thinking about checking out the church and getting to “listen in” was the push they needed.  But I also think that worshipping in community is SUCH a critical piece to faith formation.  So I would encourage you all (RCC people and friends from afar!) to make a commitment to get to church when you can!  If you aren’t local and looking for a church, feel free to reach out!  I have some pretty awesome clergy networks I can reach out to.

Anyway – rambling over.  You can subscribe here!

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