Missing This Space

I miss blogging.

I was doing some maintenance to my site this afternoon and realized that I hadn’t updated my sermons by date page in over a year.  Over a year!  There was a time with my old blog when I used to do behind the scenes work all the time.  I was always fine-tuning or upgrading something.  It was my pride and joy.  I miss that.

I texted Bruce and told him that I was playing catch up with my blog work and how it was weird because I used to love working on my blog.  He said that he wished I still did.  I do, too.  Blogging was a huge part of my life for so many years.  It saw me through seminary, a wedding, two moves and a new job.  I needed a break in order to figure out a better sense of boundaries, but, the truth is, I miss it.  I miss being in this space.  I miss having an outlet to work through whatever I’m going through (both in my life and the church).  I miss sharing some of the fun stuff that is going on at the church and brainstorming new ideas.  I miss writing.

So I’m going to wade slowly into the shallow end … I can’t promise that I will blog every day and I’m not quite sure what, exactly, I’ll be writing about yet … but I’m going to try.

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