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Dear Friends,

As you know, I – along with SO many others – have been supporting the fundraising campaign, Wheels For Bella, a campaign created to help Jeff and Holly Rutko purchase a handicap accessible van for their beautiful daughter, Bella Kai Rutko, who is living with Rett Syndrome.

A huge part of fundraising is building awareness and community within the campaign. So on Thanksgiving morning, Team “Trotting For Bella” will be running the Family Turkey Trot in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It is a 5K race that begins and ends at Pawtucket City Hall.

We hope that running this race with enable us to raise money for and increase awareness about the campaign, as well as show support to Bella and the entire Rutko family.

Please consider joining our team! Everyone is welcome – as we all know, Bella’s army is strong!

Follow these steps to register:
Visit this website:
Click “register”
Click “begin online registration”
Choose race – “Family Turkey Trot 5K”
Select “register as a team member”
In the drop-down menu, select the team “Trotting For Bella”
Complete your registration!

Once you receive your registration confirmation, please forward that email to and – Sarah and Heather will be following up with the entire team via email about fundraising efforts and t-shirts.

If you are not able to run, but would like to support our team financially, please visit the Wheels For Bella fundraising page directly – Wheels For Bella. When you complete the donor information, please indicate in the “message” form that you are supporting this campaign through “Trotting For Bella”.

Thank you for your support! I cannot wait to be “Trotting For Bella” with y’all on Thanksgiving morning!


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