Jail ‘n Bail

I was arrested yesterday!


For a good cause anyway!


Keith Perry is a Rehoboth Police Officer.  Let’s hope this is the ONLY time this happens! :)

Some friends of Jeff’s mom asked if they could put together a fundraiser for Wheels For Bella and they decided to host a Jail ‘n Bail – a big event where people agree to be “arrested” and have to post bail.  It was so much fun!


This is Holly’s best friend, Johna – girlfriend raised $5,700 IN BAIL!!!!!  Unbelievable!  She was on her phone the whole time – a woman on a mission.

When it was all said and done, they raised over $15,000!!!!!  The kindness and generosity of everyone has been amazing.  Unfortunately, Bella was home sick with pneumonia and unable to attend :( I hate Rett Syndrome!

They are getting really close to their goal amount.  Unfortunately, I think the van may end up costing more than they originally anticipated (did you know that when vans are made handicap accessible they are basically re-built?), but yesterday brought them so much closer!

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