It All Started With A Text …

My friend Betsy and I have been trying to figure out how to make stoles lately.

Of course, when I say “Betsy and I” I mean Betsy has been doing the sewing and the stole making while I stand over her shoulder and say, “Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!”

We all have our own way of helping.

I brought one of my stoles over to her last Sunday so she could see how it was put together and create a pattern.  She had a ton of purple fabric that never got used for another project, so she thought she’d test out the pattern on that fabric.

On Tuesday evening she texted me and told me stop by her house.


Umm … WOW.  I was absolutely in awe!  And with Lent right around the corner I will be able to put it to immediate use.

I am so used to ordering stoles and having to pay a LOT of money for them that I felt like a whole new world was just opened up for me.  New stoles!  Lots of colors!  Different seasons!  Telling stories!  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  Endless!  I immediately created a new board on pinterest.

On Saturday morning I posted a picture on the church Facebook page of the altarscape that I was using for worship the next day (turning water into wine).  The following conversation ensued …


This conversation happened around 1:00 on Saturday afternoon.  By 3:00 we were at a fabric store trying to come up with a design.


By 9:00 this was finished.  We were giddy.

Honestly – we kind of surprised ourselves.  We used a couple of different stoles as inspiration (pinspiration?) and pretty much came up with the design as we went along.  We shared the cutting responsibilities, I did most of the ironing and Betsy did all of the sewing.


I couldn’t help but smile when I robed up on Sunday.  Between this and the altarscape, the gospel absolutely came alive!

We actually bought fabric for two stoles on Saturday, but we tried to do the math and figured out that it probably costs about $30 to make one stole, which is NOTHING compared to what you pay when you buy them elsewhere.  Obviously the more detailed ones are time consuming, but it is actually kind of fun!  We tried not to take ourselves too seriously and just went with the flow of the design.

Of course now I’m constantly thinking about new stole ideas.  I wonder when Noah’s Ark comes up in the lectionary? …

4 thoughts on “It All Started With A Text …

  1. Let the flood gates open!!! I just love the women in our church. Jesus is turning water into wine; Rev. Sarah and Betsey are turning remnants into stoles! Miracles do happen at RCC.

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