I’m always looking for new ideas / best practices in ministry so when we do something that was simple and seemed to work well, I love to share!

“Fellowshop” was actually the product of a long weekend and a tongue-tied Youth Fellowship Director.  Abbie and the woman who runs the Bazaar and I were talking as we were cleaning up after the Bazaar and we were all exhausted.  Abbie kept trying to saying “We can sell stuff at fellowship and people can shop tomorrow” but she got tongue-tied and said, “We can sell stuff at fellowshop!”  At first we laughed, but then we realized that it was the perfect name!  So we did set up “shop” the next morning after church and saved some of the stuff that didn’t sell for a later date.

I decided that this week would be a good week for Fellowshop again.  We mostly had jams, jellies, pickles and relishes and the Christmas ornaments, centerpieces and wreaths so it worked out perfectly for the weekend before Thanksgiving.


It was super easy to do. I set up last night in between sermon thoughts last night (it was nice little break!) and posted something on our Facebook page about it.  I asked two friends to do the selling as soon as church let out (I’m always at the front door greeting people immediately after church and couldn’t get back fast enough) and reiterated in church that people should swing through. It was simple, fun and the church made $198 to add to the Bazaar total income!

I’ve never worked retail, but I think I understand some of the general concepts.  You should sell things when people need to buy them and presentation is everything.  The jams, pickles, etc. were good to have the weekend before Thanksgiving in case people needed appetizers or hostess presents.  And the Christmas stuff was great because people are starting to decorate.

Also … we opened one of the jams, poured it over a block of cream cheese and let people sample it with crackers!  It let people taste it AND gave them an idea of how to use it (other than on PB&J!).

Plus … I got to have some.

Clearly my diet is going well.

What new ideas are you trying in your churches?

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