Be Blessed, Lovelies {Remembering Leslie}

I cannot believe I am typing these words, but one of my sweet, sweet blogging friends passed away on Monday night.


Leslie Sisti passed away at the age of 30.  She left behind a husband and two daughters.

Life just does not make sense.

Leslie was known for her beautiful spirit, witty writing, fierce fashion sense and love of all things caffeinated.  She had a beautiful family and exuded poise and grace in all that she did.

I met Leslie through the blogging community about six years ago.  I had been blogging at The Strength of Faith (my old blog) for about a year and she had just started A Blonde Ambition.  We were both taking part in a blog hop and she left the sweetest comment on my post.  From there we followed one another’s stories, guest posted for one another and became Facebook friends.  We’ve followed one another’s weddings, she saw me get ordained and start at RCC and I watched and celebrated as she gave birth to two beautiful girls.

My heart is breaking.  My heart is breaking for her husband, for her girls and for her family.  My heart is breaking for everyone who followed her life online, who giggled while they read her while they sipped their morning coffee, who took her fashion advice (good lord, the girl could dress) and who realized that perfection in life was overrated.  My heart is breaking for a world that has been changed for the better by this woman who showed grace and love to everyone she met.

Please pray for Leslie’s family – for her husband Stephen and her girls Caroline and Ainsley. If you are led, a scholarship fund has been set up for the girls.

Live for today, my friends.  Love one another.  Smile as though your smile could change someone’s life.



One thought on “Be Blessed, Lovelies {Remembering Leslie}

  1. Sarah, I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. She was a physical beauty and by your description also a spiritual one as well. My first impression looking at her with her gorgeous children was that her face was absolutely Angelic….and I guess that God’s heavenly house needed one more Angel in it. Even so…..I just do not understand the why of it all. You are so right… just doesn’t make sense. God bless her family and especially her beautiful little children.

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