A Week Of Curtain-Raising Fun

I took last week off (hence no sermon on Sunday!) to go to Connecticut to help my dad and his students open their annual musical.  They did Carousel this year and it was AMAZING!  It is such a tough show and I cannot get over what an amazing job they did.  If you live in the New Milford area, please check it out next weekend!  You won’t regret it.  Check out their Facebook page if you are interested.

I took a bunch of pictures this week while they were rehearsing.  Here are a few!

IMG_7138 IMG_7270 IMG_7316 IMG_7330 IMG_7378 IMG_7415 IMG_7433 IMG_7444 IMG_7487 IMG_7513 IMG_7526 IMG_7536 IMG_7566 IMG_7570 IMG_7577 IMG_7599 IMG_7622 IMG_7657 IMG_7686 IMG_7710 IMG_7762 IMG_7818 IMG_7841 IMG_8007 IMG_8051

A great week off, but it feels good to be home. Palm Sunday is THIS WEEKEND! Eeek!

2 thoughts on “A Week Of Curtain-Raising Fun

  1. It would be SO awesome if we had a real theater at school. Sometimes we rent the one in the neighboring town, but it’s not the same.

    We did Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat earlier in the year, using the elementary/middle school choirs as well and it was AMAZING despite the fact that it was in the gym, with zero acoustics and minimal props!

    The talent’s there…..

    Hope you enjoyed your week off 🙂 I had spring break as well. It was too short. Going back today was rough!

    Jessica Furman AZBR Foster Assistant/Volunteer jessicagymnast@gmail.com

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