A New Role

When I moved to Rehoboth almost three years ago, I had a very specific role in town – pastor.  When I was introduced to someone for the first time, I was introduced as the pastor.  When I attended an event or meeting in town, I was introduced as the pastor.  When I ran into someone at the bank or post office, they knew I was the pastor.

Back in December, I took on a new role.


Coach’s Wife.

My sweet husband had the opportunity to coach wrestling this year at Dighton-Rehoboth High School.  It was such a fun experience – for both of us!


So much of our life in Rehoboth has been about me and the church.  Actually, so much our 7+ year relationship has been about me and my journey to the church.  Bruce has made sacrifices.  He has let me be selfish and put my career first.  He has supported me.  He has loved me.  He has never lost his patience with me.  It was long-past time for Bruce to do something for him – and for me to take on the spousal role.


As weird as this sounds, I really liked going to the meets, sitting in the stands, cheering for the team and being introduced as the coach’s wife.  And I don’t say that as a way to move feminism back 50 years, I say that as a way of acknowledging that in marriages, we take on different roles.  Sometimes we are the coach and sometimes we are the coach’s wife.  Sometimes we are the pastor and sometimes we are the pastor’s husband.  We give and we take and we attempt to find some semblance of balance in it all.1798213_10203037904605431_31315878_n

Life certainly has a way of throwing challenges every which way.  But I cannot help but look around and see the many blessings that surround me and fill with hope for the future.

Taking on this new role and cheering on the Falcons this season connected me more to this town and to the community we are apart of now.

And it reminded me of what a wonderful partner I have in life.

I think that’s called grace – unexpected.

3 thoughts on “A New Role

  1. Sarah,

    I had to laugh, because I can so relate:

    Most of the time- outside of church, I’m known as “Peter’s or Anna’s Mom. Other parents are so ‘confused’ when they find out that I am a pastor!

    BTW last night I signed up to Facebook. And please forgive me- I’m total new to this and a bit phobic (growing up in the after WWII area in Germany where privacy was a very big – the mantra was: we don’t share anything with anybody)

    Thanks, Sigrid

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