A Christmas Gift

One of our sweet kids came into church on Sunday with a wonderful gift for me. A CD of photographs that his family took at the Christmas Pageant!  It was so wonderful to look through these photos.  A fun reminder of the magic that I felt that night – and the joy and hope I have as I await the next big program with the Church School!


I love this photo from our rehearsal.  My face – I am my father’s daughter!  This is the exact same face he makes during his rehearsals.


This was pretty much my spot during the entire service.  I love that my job allows me to be behind the scenes with a script during one service and in my formal robe a few hours later. 🙂


Sweet Bella was an angel and girlfriend TOTALLY rocked it!  I had so many people come up to me afterwards and say, “Did you see Bella walking?!”  Holly held her hands down the aisle, but that was such a huge moment for her.  A Christmas blessing!

DSC_3149 DSC_3148

And perhaps my favorite part of the night?  The glow sticks!  This is a great angle to show how the church lit up at the end of the service.

These photos were a wonderful belated Christmas to me!  I posted the rest on our facebook page if you would like to see them.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

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