Rally Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone!  I cannot believe the summer is over – when did that happen?

Last year I preached my Rally Day sermon in a back to school “what I did this summer” essay format – I have something different in store this year, but I was thinking that it might make a fun blog post.  I’ll put that on my to-do list this week!

In the meantime I am taking care of some email now so I can hop into the office and completely immerse myself in Rally Day planning tomorrow.  I am taking a little bit more of a low-key approach to Rally Day this year (I mentioned in this post that because Children’s Day required SO much planning, we needed something with a little less maintenance to kick off the year), but I think it should still be fun!

Here’s my advertising banner …


Seriously … if you live in the area, please consider this your invitation!  This service and luncheon will be a great opportunity to see the church, meet the community and re-set before the craziness of the year starts.

Plus … fall food.  Need I say more?

Put it on your calendar – can’t wait to see y’all there!


2 thoughts on “Rally Day!

  1. Hello Sarah, If I’m supposed to address you as something a little more formal, I’m sorry, I couldn’t figure out what that is. I am a fallen Catholic. I’m a good man, something of a good Christian, but I’ve gone away from the Catholic faith I was brought up in. Actually, it was they who left me I think. But that’s a long story. After many years of barely playing along, and only participating begrudgingly, I am looking to reconnect with a church. We have many friends who attend your church. Everything I’ve seen and heard so far, I like. Is there a place where I can go to see what the doctrines of the Congregational Church are? I’m OK on the internet search stuff, but I’m having a hard time finding anything which makes sense and is concise. I appreciate any help or advise you can give… I have to say… you’re a hoot! I’ve been reading your blogs. It seems that your understanding of God might be similar to mine. That’s a good start for me. Rich

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