Fantastic Solos! Beautiful City & Hear Our Praises

So in all the craziness of the prep for this weekend’s bazaar, I forgot to share that we had some amazing music in LAST week’s worship service (to go along with my sermon Building God’s Kingdom On Earth). My friend Ben was in town and I picked the song “Beautiful City” from Godspell for him to sing.  I was preaching on All Saints about how we are the saints of the future and we are building God’s Kingdom today (kind of an “honor the past by being true to the present” type of thing).  The song was PERFECT.


Since he was coming out to sing anyway, we looked through a book of solos and also had him since Hillsong’s “Hear Our Praises” which is usually sung with a band and chorus, but I thought sounded great as a solo! Bruce missed the beginning of this when he was recording but it’s still worth a listen!


I have had several people say to me lately that they really appreciate the fact that the music and the worship service all seem to fit together. That is SO important! I don’t like to micromanage worship, but I think it all needs to come together so it can be meaningful, relevant and accessible to all.

Thank you for coming out again Ben!  A blessing to our choir who was able to take a week off and a bigger blessing to all of us who were touched by your music!

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