So I am definitely behind in my chatter about the goings on at church, but I do want to share this video that I took of Jordan singing on Confirmation Sunday.

I had a little challenge going with the confirmation class during worship this year.  They would pick a song that was meaningful to them (it did not have to a typical “Christian” song).  They would tell me why it was meaningful and then we would listen to it.  After we listened to it I would tie it to some scripture with a reflection.

One of the last songs that they chose was Brave, by Sara Bareilles.  When I asked them why it was meaningful they said, “Well … because we think God wants us to be brave.”

These kids can drive me crazy, but it’s moments like that when I know the church is going to be okay.

I asked Jordan if he would sing this as a surprise to the confirmands (and their mentors, I only told two people it was happening!).  He sang it immediately after my Letter to the Confirmands, which summed up all of my hopes for them perfectly.

This is a great example of how “secular” music can be used in the church.  And Jordan did an amazing job!  As always. 🙂

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