Amazing Solos

A friend of mine came out and sang at church this morning – it was so much fun!

IMG_7378 IMG_7622

Ben came up through my dad’s theater program – it was fun to pick music that I knew would work with his voice. 🙂 This is him playing Billy Bigelow in the NMHS 2013 All School Musical production of Carousel!


Here is Ben singing “Baptized With Water,” a hymn out of the Worship & Rejoice hymnal, to the tune of “Morning Has Broken” – I had him sing right after the baptism. It was a nice way to celebrate the sacrament (and give the deacon and me more time to hold the babies!).


Here is “You Raise Me Up” – how can this song NOT make you cry? I seriously have a tendency to listen to it on repeat in my car …


And the Lord’s Prayer.

Y’all. This song. I wish I could have someone sing it every week. Don’t get me wrong, I love saying it with the congregation – but there is just something about listening to it sung. Wow!

It was definitely fun to intentionally have someone come from out of town to sing.  I planned the service around the music instead of planning the music around the service – kind of a neat way to do it!

What are your favorite songs to have soloists sing in church?  Jordan and I are trying to be more intentional about planning more special music!

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