Stewardship Sunday Prayer Of Dedication

I actually wrote this Prayer of Dedication last year (before this blog existed!) and decided when I pulled up an old bulletin that it really made sense to use it again in worship this year.

While I do speak openly about stewardship at RCC, I also want to respect the privacy of givers.  We do not make a big deal about presenting pledges – if you have your pledge card with you on Stewardship Sunday you are invited to place it in the offering plate along with your offering and everything – pledges along with weekly offerings, visitor welcome cards and prayer request cards – are dedicated together.

This is what works best for the community that I serve.  There are other communities (some that I have been apart of) where have a separate time to come forward and present your pledge card would work well.  Use this however it fits best into your congregation!

Stewardship Sunday Prayer of Dedication
Sarah E. Weaver (C) 2011

We dedicate our gifts to you, O God
Help us to use them to glorify you; to be vessels of your work in this world.
We dedicate our pledges to you, O God.
Guide our leaders as they prepare us financially for the upcoming year.
Use us, O God, to do your work in this world.
Encourage us to see that we are all ministers called into the Body of Christ. Use us in our service.
We pray over these gifts, blessing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3 thoughts on “Stewardship Sunday Prayer Of Dedication

  1. Thank you Susan for sharing your thoughts and prayers on Stewardship. I have used your call to worship and prayer of dedication in my service this Sunday, our Faith Commitment Sunday. I am posting your name in the bulletin. Thank you again.

    Judy White, pastor of the Bluff Point UMC

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