Stewardship Sunday Call to Worship

Today is all about stewardship!  We had our Stewardship Sunday this past Sunday (about a month earlier than the UCC recommends, but it is what works with our community and church calendar) and I’d love to share the liturgy that I used for our service.

I speak very openly about stewardship at my church in an effort to create a healthier environment for both giving AND spending.  I hope that is reflected in my writing.

I wrote this Call to Worship with the UCC Delight in Giving Stewardship Campaign in mind.  But I hope it can be versatile for use in larger conversations about giving as well!

Stewardship Sunday Call to Worship
Sarah E. Weaver (C) 2012

Delight! Children of God, delight!
We are delighted to be here together; to worship as a family and to be united in a common ministry.
We gather in worship to celebrate this community.
We celebrate the love that we have for one another, the support that we give to one another and the journey we are on to be united by God’s grace.
We come together this day to delight in offering our gifts.
We delight in the gifts we are giving, the pledges we are making and the future we are creating.
We join our hearts and our spirits today and delight in giving.
We are here! We are delighted! We are united!
Let us worship the God who loves when we delight in giving.
Let us worship God!

4 thoughts on “Stewardship Sunday Call to Worship

  1. Hi, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog a couple times and like the liturgy here for Stewardship. My only suggestion is that, as church, we do not gather in WORSHIP to celebrate the community. We gather to worship God.

    Blessings on your ministry! Great name – Preaching in Pumps

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