Stewardship Prayer Of Confession | Blessed To Be A Blessing

Is anyone else using the UCC stewardship materials this year?  I preached my stewardship sermon last Sunday (we are celebrating stewardship all month, but this was the money sermon) so I went off-lectionary and wrote liturgy for the service. Like my Call to Worship, feel free to adapt and/or use if you have Stewardship Sunday coming up!

Stewardship Sunday Prayer of Confession | Blessed To Be A Blessing
Sarah E. Weaver

God of amazing grace, you have asked us to give of ourselves, wholly and completely. We have heard your call and have responded with great affirmation and joy.
     Yet there are times when we fall short. Times when we forget. Times when we focus on the wrong things. Times when we put our money and our resources into our earthly possessions and not into a church that you have created and blessed.
     Help us to have faith, O God. Help us to give through that faith. Help us to be blessed by that faith.

5 thoughts on “Stewardship Prayer Of Confession | Blessed To Be A Blessing

  1. Sarah,
    Thanks for this stewardship prayer of confession. The stewardship ministry team has been crafting a special service for this Sunday and I think this will fit wonderfully.
    Grace and peace,
    Mike Bone
    Zion UCC in Union, MO

  2. Thank you for this for Stewardship Sunday. I was searching for light fresh material and I will be giving you all the credit for using it at my church in New York.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful liturgy. I am not especially blessed in writing liturgy, so it is always exciting to discover others who are!


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