Stewardship Call To Worship | Surprising Gifts

Is anyone else knee-deep in a stewardship campaign?  This Sunday is Stewardship Sunday at RCC and I have been busy putting worship together.  I have a little tradition of writing stewardship liturgy and I was able to continue it this year.  Here is the Call to Worship we will be using this week!  We are using the UCC Surprising Gifts campaign.

Enjoy! I hope you are able to use it.

Stewardship Sunday Call to Worship
Sarah E. Weaver (C) 2013

Children of God, what has happened this year?
We have been surprised!
Yes, we have! God has surprised us in many different ways this year.
We can see God working within our midst; all around us there are outward signs of God’s inward grace.
Now we come together to worship God, to give thanks to God and to show our commitment to the things that God still has in store for us.
We are here! We are surprised! We are united!
Let us worship the God who loves to surprise us!
Let us worship God!

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