Remembering Our Baptisms

Happy Saturday!  I am finishing up tomorrow’s sermon (of course, ha!), but I wanted to share this little snippet …

I led a retreat with the RCC Board of Deacons this morning.  The subject of the retreat was mission & vision, but I wanted to start with worship.  We shared communion during worship (at their request) and did a ritual to remember our baptisms.

I found some neat prayers in some of my books that I used leading up to the baptismal ritual, but nothing that I could say during the ritual itself.  Each of the board members had a cup of water in front of them that we all combined into a common font.  I wanted to say something as each board member poured their water in – sort of like I do during the laying on of hands during confirmation.  I could not find anything, so I wrote this.  Feel free to use it if you find yourself in need!

Remembering Our Baptism | Liturgy
Sarah Weaver (C) 2013
Eternal Spirit, shower your grace and peace upon ____________________ as he/she remembers his/her baptism. Through these waters, continue to fill him/her with your creating, redeeming and sustaining presence as he/she lives out your call in this community and throughout the world. Amen.

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