Rally Day Prayer Of Confession

Sunday’s Prayer of Confession … it was Rally Day and I was preaching on the Parable of the Lost Sheep.  I actually ended up tying the prayer into my sermon and the idea of being “drawn back” has been on my mind ever since.  It’s driving me nuts!  I’ve been thinking a lot about the changing landscape of ministry – especially the prevalence of sports and activities on Sunday and I feel like God is drawing the church back to … something.

I just don’t know what it is yet.

Anyway, this particular prayer might not be super helpful at the moment (it was specifically for Rally Day and using the lectionary last week) but you might be able to adapt it for another purpose.


Sarah Weaver (c) 2016

We are so happy to gather together today, O God; to see our church family, to feel the buzz of a new year and to prayerfully wonder what possibilities are in store for us.
We confess that the flexibility of summer has caused us to fall out of some of our routines. We have missed opportunities to center ourselves in prayer, to serve and to be in community. Like in the parable of the lost sheep, we can feel ourselves wandering off.
But, just as the sheep was found and brought home again, so, too, are we drawn back:
Drawn back to you.
Drawn back to our church.
And drawn back to the person you are calling us to be.
So help us, O God. Calm the chaos in our lives. Encourage us to set goals, to find structure and to center our lives on you. And may our year be filled with unexpected grace. Amen.

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