Prayer Of Confession (Jesus’ Death • Good Friday)

With the Year of Mark rapidly drawing to a close at RCC, I needed a Prayer of Confession that would tie into the story of Jesus’ crucifixion last week.  This would be a good one to adapt and use on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday next year!


Prayer of Confession (Jesus’ Death • Good Friday)
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Creating, redeeming and sustaining God, we confess that the story we are about to hear is a hard one. It was tempting to skip worship this morning; to come back when it is time to celebrate resurrection.
     And yet we know that this part of the story is just as important to read as the rest of it. We know that it is important to acknowledge the things in this world that are hard as we seek to do the transformative work you are calling us to do.
Keep us focused in worship today and then as we leave this space as we seek to shine light into the darkness,  share love in the midst of hatred and uncover grace where hope seems lost. Amen.


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