Prayer of Confession {General}

I needed a Prayer of Confession last week that was general and just a nice reminder of the importance of taking a moment and talking to God about the times where we fell short throughout the week.  I love when the prayers tie directly into what the service is about, but we had a lot going on and there wasn’t really a good way to touch on everything.  I wrote this and I think I’ll use it again at some point!


Prayer of Confession {General}
Rev. Sarah Weaver

Gracious and loving God, we come to you today, reflecting on the week gone by and also gathering strength and wisdom for the week that is to come. Help us to look carefully at the moments where we may have strayed from your mercy; where we made mistakes or spoke words that we now wish we could take back. Grant us the wisdom we will need to learn from our faults; from the imperfections that open us up to your grace. Illuminate the journey that lies ahead and remind us of your steadfast presence so that we can leave the safety of this worship space and be better equipped to proclaim the Goods News of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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