Prayer For Children’s Day


If you are a fan of RCC on Facebook you saw that we had a fabulous time on Sunday during our Children’s Day festivities.

Bruce and Sarah Children's Day

I will write more about our festivities later, but for now, here is the prayer that I wrote for our worship service.  Feel free to use it in your own celebrations of children’s ministries!

Children’s Day Prayer
Sarah Weaver (C) 2013

O God, who is parent to us all.
We welcome you into this space
where you can see the majestic work of your creation.
Through our worship today,
see that we are heeding Christ’s call
to let the children come to us …
to invite all into the priesthood of all believers …
and to be the Body of Christ.
As we celebrate the children and the youth of our church,
we know that we are truly celebrating our whole church family
our commitment to one another
our love for one another
and our compassion for the world outside of our walls.
Be with us as we acknowledge our covenant together.
and recommit our lives and our ministries to you.
Give us strength, O God.
With your creating, redeeming and sustaining grace,
Fill our whole lives with your presence.

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