Pearl Harbor Day Prayer

I have been running in a million different directions lately!  It’s been fun, though – all good things that remind me why I do what I do.

Last Saturday I was asking to offer the Invocation at the Pearl Harbor Memorial Service in Rehoboth, the first event ever to be held at the new Veterans Memorial Gazebo that was just built.  I was honored!  This was in the paper the next day …

Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony

So that’s me.  And the person behind me?  Oh, no big deal – that’s just Joe Kennedy.

Yes.  Congressman Joe Kennedy.

It was an amazing moment.  We were both talking to other people after the ceremony, but he did come over to shake my hand.  He is so nice!  I hope that our paths cross again sometime.

Here is the prayer that I offered.  Feel free to use next year (or adapt for another veteran’s event).


Prayer of Invocation
Pearl Harbor Memorial Service
(c) 2013 | Rev. Sarah Weaver

God of creating, redeeming and sustaining grace.

We give thanks that we are able to gather here in this place. A place of remembrance, a place of community and a place that gives hope to the future.

We guard in our hearts, O God, the memories of what happened at Pearl Harbor 72 years ago.

Bless all who lost their lives. Bless the families who were forced to live without fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. Bless those who stood their ground and fought for peace. And bless us, O God, as we remember today.

You have given us many freedoms, O God. The freedom to choose love over hate, peace over war, humility over arrogance, justice over prejudice and good over evil.

Now fill us with your guiding spirit.
Guide our hearts, our minds, our hands,our feet and our voices as we journey forward.

In all that we do, may your light shine.

This we pray together in a spirit of hope, peace, joy and love.


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