New Habitat House Prayer Of Dedication

I was asked to give the Prayer of Dedication at local Habitat for Humanity house that was recently finished last week.  I was honored!

Habitat Dedication

The complete article can be found here.

In case anyone is ever asked to do something like this, here is the dedication that I wrote!


God of abundant love and grace, we give you great thanks and glory on this beautiful day. We thank you for bringing us here to celebrate a new beginning – a new beginning for Kathy and her family.

We thank you for every one who made this day possible.

We thank you especially for the ministry of Habitat for Humanity, not only here, but throughout the world. Continue to bless the work that they are doing. May they inspire and encourage others to follow your call.

We thank you for the hardworking individuals who came and – out of dedication to both you, to their faith and to this family – volunteered their time to build this house.

We thank you for everyone who made some sort of donation that allowed this project to happen.

We thank you for everyone who offered prayers throughout this process. This house is so much more than the structure that stands in front of us today; it is a community united in a common purpose. It is a tangible expression faith alive; of the good things that people are doing in this world.

And finally, we thank you O God. We thank you for opening our eyes to the things that need to be done in the world and to the ways in which we can take action. We thank you for guiding this entire process. From the original floor plans to the ground breaking to the final decorative touches, you have been here to lead this journey.

And now, O God, bless this house. Bless all who will enter its doors, be within its walls and sleep under its roof. May it be a place of refuge and serenity. May it be a place of fellowship and community. May it be a place where love wins, where laughter prevails and where hope endures. May dreams be made and may visions be seen.

This we pray your holy name, our one triune God – creator, redeemer and sustainer.


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