Liturgy – Tradition

So we’re not even to Rally Day and I’m already slacking on my resolution to write more of my own liturgy.  I’m back on lectionary and when I went to put the bulletin together I thought, “I don’t have a lot of time this week, let me just see what the Abingdon Worship Annual has.”  Whoops!  I did pull it together on a Prayer of Confession, but I think I’m going to need someone to hold me accountable on this.

In the meantime, here the liturgy from LAST week, when the topic of our sermon series, Why I Come To Church, was “tradition”.


Sarah Weaver (c) 2016

Today we celebrate traditions;
traditions that shaped the past, define the present and inspire the future.
We give thanks to God
for calling us to proclaim the Good News.
And we hold fast to our traditions;
traditions that give us
wisdom and security,
traditions that connect us
to the pillars of our church, to one another and to the God who created us,
traditions that, when words are insufficient, help us find
comfort, strength and courage.
Thanks be to God for the grace that is given to us
every time we gather together
and participate in a time-honored tradition!
Thanks be to God!
Let us worship God!

Sarah Weaver (c) 2016

God, who created us into being, strengthens our faith and draws us close to one another, we are grateful for the foundation that our church rest upon.
     We give thanks for those who came before us and laid down the path we travel today and for our journeys that are opening new doors for those who will come after us.
     We confess that it is not always easy to balance our needs with the traditions of our past and also with the story of our faith that is still being written.
     So help us, O God. Help us discern, find balance and proclaim the Good News we have been entrusted with. Amen.

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