Family Liturgy

We went off lectionary this summer and have been working our way through a sermon series called Why I Come To Church.  Back in the spring, I met with the person who was covering for me while I was on sabbatical and we posed the question to Facebook, “Why do you come to church?”  We got SO many amazing answers!  We pared it down to 12 topics and have been preaching our way through these topics.  Last week the topic was family and this is the liturgy that I wrote for the service …

Call to Worship | Family
Sarah Weaver (c) 2016

We come together today to celebrate family;
     the families who gather in this church,
     the families who are inspired by this church,
     the families who find support from this church
     and the family that is this church.
Today we answer Christ’s call
     to foster love,
     to encourage growth in faith, service and learning
     and to create community.
Today we hold fast to the conviction
   that we are stronger together than we are separately.
Today we remember
that we are all blessed children of God.
As we worship today, we humbly, yet boldly, declare
that we are the Body of Christ!
So let us worship God!
Thanks be to God!

Prayer of Confession | Family
Sarah Weaver (c) 2016

Creating God, you have made us all uniquely in Your image; we are all different, but we are all One. You call us to be the Church; to bring people together, to bridge divides and to support one another along our journeys. You call us to create family – Church Family – right here in our midst.
Yet we confess that sometimes living out this call is easier said than done. New people and ideas can disrupt our routines. Differences can make us uncomfortable. Merging generations, cultures and traditions can be challenging.
And yet, this is what a Church Family is supposed to look like.
So help us, O God. Help us to create the Church Family you are calling us to be. May it be beautiful, may it be inspiring and may it be infused with Your love. Amen.

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