Children’s Day Prayer

It was a really, really, really busy weekend at the church.  Among other things, we had a wonderful Children’s Day celebration on Sunday!  The worship service was actually a lot of fun – I was more hands-on in planning this year and I think that really helped with some of the transitions in the service.  I so appreciate all of the teacher’s passion and enthusiasm for what they do!  It was fun to see them “on” with their kids.  What a blessing they are to our community.

I don’t preach on Children’s Day, so I always write a special Children’s Day prayer.  Our theme this year was “Testify to Love” so that theme is present in the prayer.  Feel free to use it or adapt it for your use!


Children’s Day Prayer
Sarah Weaver (c) 2014

God of every generation, we give you great thanks
for this community
for the love that we share
and for our children
who remind us every day
to look at the world with wonder
to ask questions
and to break through barriers of division with love and with friendship
Be with us today as we celebrate another year in the life of our church.
Help us to bear witness to the love that was shared within our community this year
open our eyes and our ears to see and hear that love
open our hearts and our minds to know that love
and perhaps most importantly open our doors and our arms
to share that love with others
God of young and old,
male and female,
rich and poor,
spiritual and religious,
teacher and student,
mold us in your image and unite us in your love.
With humble gratitude,
and adoration,
we pray this in the name of you,
O God,
our creator,
and sustainer.

RCC 2014 Summer Cover Photo

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